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Perhaps you’ve read more books and listened to more tapes than you care to admit.

Maybe you’ve attended lots of seminars.

Or maybe, you’ve done no seeking at all.

Perhaps on the outside, your life looks great. You might be in a great relationship, have a great job or career and are enjoying the material things that come with “success”. But on the inside, there’s a yearning, you feel ready to experience something more. You know it’s possible.

And you’re sure you could figure out how to experience your life on a deeper, more meaningful level without needing anyone’s help. After all, you’ve come this far on your own.

But something keeps telling you that there must be an easier way…

You’re in the right place.

Reset Your Mindset exists to support people like you to experience life as it should be: easy and joyful. We’re not here to overwhelm you with 7 secrets to this or 5 steps to that. And we certainly aren’t interested in becoming your “guru”.

Reset Your Mindset exists to support you, where you are NOW, to access all you need in order to finally live the life
you really want.

Are you ready to get started?

Come see how we can support you in loving your life 24-7.


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“Hypnosis really works! Signing up for these classes has been one of the best things I have ever done. Although I was initially skeptical about taking classes in a group it turned out to be a wonderful experience. I found that I really enjoyed the small group setting, it was very supportive and definitely added to the experience and I realized I was not the only one facing challenges. The different hypnosis exercises we did in class were wonderful enlightening and left me feeling so refreshed, relaxed and happy. Yes each time! I experienced that deep relaxed feeling that can only be achieved through hypnosis. As a nice side benefit I lost weight and gained energy and felt better about myself than I have in a long time. The different hypnosis sessions were also taped so now I have permanent voice files I can listen to when needed. This has been a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it to my patients and anyone else who wants to feel better and be happier.”

~Dr. Taylor, Physician

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