Reset Your Body Mindset

Body Yes! Shed the old, BE all YOU!

  •  Do you feel fat, sloppy and old?
  • Have you thought lately, “Who is that fat person in the mirror?”
  • Are you scared of what will happen when you go off of your diet?

Heather Novak created Body Yes! Out of her own challenge being raised as the only girl and as the first born in a dysfunctional family with addictive parents who passed their judgments of themselves and others down to her.  In her mid-30’s, Heather was able to release the belief that she “would always be fat, never be athletic and always have the fat thighs and calves from grandma’s stocky side of the family.”

She knew that if she could tune out the negative self talk in her head and access her own essence and beliefs, others could, too.  Heather’s passionate about connecting with women around the world to assist with their desire to align who they are inside with what they see when they look in the mirror.  She works with successful women who are tired of dieting and hating their bodies, ready to look beneath the surface and who are ready to love who they see in the mirror and live a life of joy.

Some of the many benefits clients experience are:

  • Trust in yourself and your choices as you develop a healthy, loving relationship with food
  • Fear of moving forward turns into daily ease and flow
  • Liberation of the true you who shines bright, with beauty and imperfections
  • Feel alignment between who you see in the mirror and how you feel in your heart
  • Connect with others while choosing fun physical activities and feel free while dancing, riding bikes, hiking with friends or family

People who get the most from our programs:

  • Are willing to let go of what is not working
  • Looking for a new frame of reference, a new normal
  • Thrive on being accountable and supported
  • Find ways to get what they want
  • Are ready for long lasting, permanent change
  • Willing to invest in themselves every day, in every way

This is not for you, if you:

  • Want to take a magic pill
  • Aren’t willing to delve inside and show your truth
  • Find excuses why it won’t work
  • Are not ready for change


If you having been nodding your head saying, “YES, sounds like me!” apply here for a Dieting Elimination Strategy Session

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“Heather – You really have a fantastic gift with hypnosis and I support your work. One of the things that I recall feeling from you instantly was that you helped me to feel confident. I’m not sure that if I took the class with someone else I would have left feeling a sense that “I can do this and I WILL do this!” I started this pregnancy with a tremendous amount of fear, insecurity, and uncertainty; but, I’m arriving at the end of this pregnancy with empowerment and confidence.”

~Whitney S., PhD, Assistant Professor

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