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“It was such an amazing experience, what felt like 10 minutes or so was almost a half an hour. I “woke up” feeling like I had just slept for 4 hours. I felt so energized after the session, I even exercised, which is not part of my daily routine. The following day I felt absolutely wonderful; I had more energy and clarity, I felt five years younger! I didn’t realize that the treatment would not only affect me immediately, but also into the days following. I feel like I have more clarity and peace in my life, and more enthusiasm for the goals which were the focus of my session. The hypnosis was a life-changing experience for me.

It felt very comfortable to be in my own home and experience hypnosis over the phone. I felt like I could be in my own space instead of an office where I’m not as comfortable. I also felt that I could let my body relax knowing no one could see how silly I look sleeping with my mouth open!

I’ve never been hypnotized before and wasn’t really sure what to expect. I felt extremely comfortable with Heather. She has such a warm, comforting, nonjudgmental way about her. I felt comfortable to explain my most personal problems so that we could really get to the root of my programming and make positive changes in my life.”

~Mary K., Reiki Master

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